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I am Richard Hewitson,

I am a 14 year old boy in Swindon. I love to make stuff like macano, lego, and mostly electronics! I am really good at coding I can code in python and HTML. My favourite place 
is New York. One day I went to live there. My dream job is a electrician. And my hobby is to make stuff. The best thing I I have ever made is a working radio that could pick up basic radio stations. I am still a little confused on what job I want one day and a few I want: Electrition, Builder, Actor, Head
of Depart, Pilot, FBI agent, and a arstronort. I like to travel but I don’t do much of it unfortunately. But when I do travel my favourite place in England would be wither Torque or Teigmouth. I have 3 Ststers: Chloe, kacie, and Keaira and 3 Brothers: Joesph, Jamie, Ryan.  And that’s it.

Contact me: richard@richardhewitson.co.uk

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