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Towns and Beaches - Favourite places.

Here is a page of my favorite places that one day I would like to visit. I hope you enjoy! Comment below what your favorite place is and why?

 Number 5
London - England - Uk

The reason London is one of my favorite places is that of its amazing construction all the buildings look like they would of back in the 1800s and also London is the capital of England. The queen lives in London.

Number 4
Teignmouth - England - UK

Teignmouth is located in the UK, It has the most amazing beach and has one of the few peers left in the UK.

Number 3
Hawaii - United States

The image was not possible to get but Hawaii is full of the most luxurious beaches, Recently there has been a volcano explosion there that is still going on!

Number 4
Torque - England - UK

Town Near Forest

Torque is a more of one of the worlds nicest towns. It has all the top street retailers. Like TKMAX.

Number 5
Newyork - United States.

Empire State Building, New York

New York is just amazing. There are no words to describe new york it is the most amazing place in the world.

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